Just want to thank for suggestions earlier! I will probably do more stickers when I am able aha. uvu

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dumb quick b-day gift for my boyfrand uxu
#whats it even supposed to be?   #idk   
prints? stickers? ETC?

Hmm does anyone buy prints at all? What type of stuff would you like? DO YOU HATE THEM? How about stickers or charms?

I’d like to start trying to do more to sell, but have no idea what people would like to see. I mean, I suppose I could just jump in and try, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask & get an idea?

I assume there will be a bunch of cats and scaly critters if I’m left to my own stuff eheh… but what kinds of things do you like? Or do y’all just prefer personal commission stuff?

Tiny dumb thing ~
Just some critter heads done for funsies.
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EH don’t quite like how this came out, just a doodle I spose
people possums ayup yep